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  • M. J. Robertson

Womb Anger: Goddess of Fearless Love

Today I write because it is often too difficult to express in spoken word for fear of being seen as too emotional, angry, upset, which is terribly rude and unbecoming for a lady. FUUUUUCKKKKK YYYOOOOUUUU!

I have wanted to rage for days. The deep burning rage rising up, like a premenstrual time bomb ready to explode her fucking anger all over the pretty white linens. I am angry. But not at any one thing specifically, but rather at my own staying quiet for too damn long and all the fluff in the media and all the bullshit and lies. Competition in the yoga community, business sneakiness, the expression "they mean well", people saying "well that's business", poverty, marketing, war, politics, education, feminine suppression, ALL OF IT. I AM FUCKING ANGRY...and you know what? If feels fucking awesome to express it. I am one angry woman on a fucking rampage to change minds and open hearts. Why? Because the world is fucked up. People are in denial about their responsibility and hide behind privilege to mask the stinky sewage of GUILT that lay underneath their pretty things.

I move with unconditional love and shine light where there is darkness. And people DO NOT like it. People attack me, judge me and deny me while pretending to be nice. Act like my friend and than talk shit about me behind my back to their friends who also don't like me, cause apparently I "don't live in the real world"or I didn't fit into the box they had me in...which made THEM feel good? I am human, with suffering, hardship and plenty of chaos. I chose to exit the so-called real world to live in my own...cause it made me feel happy and safe. It would seem that people just want to buy into someone else's version of reality rather than come up with their own. Lazy buggers.

I've been guided by an innocent intention to create a new paradigm on Planet Earth and, fuck me, it is a challenge. Why? Cause it would appear people would prefer pretending everything is okay, or just accepting that everything is totally fucked, rather than taking responsibility and transforming their lives. Having undergone a radical transformation, accelerated through inner work in the last five years, I have had to face and accept my own bullshit and walk away from people who want me to take on theirs too.

I can't do it anymore. I've resigned. Checked out of this "world" people talk about. I am committed to playing, feeling and being my SELF. That SELF is fucking wonderful, brilliant, radiant, over flowingly generous, she makes people feel good, clear and joyous about who they are, prosperous, forgiving...the list goes on. Basically, I have come to realise that I have been trained to give FOR NOTHING. And I am done with that. I am so tired of giving my self away and having people dump on me when I don't give in a way that suits them. Fuckers.

And yes, I am reacting. I am having a massive reaction to years of burden. Centuries of being fixtures in a man's world, where I am expected to stay quiet and cook for them and clean up after their messes. We gotta raise the kids and clean up after everybody and make everyone feel good about themselves...for NOTHING. And people wonder why women are fucking angry. Thing ain't THEIR fault. It is OUR responsibility. The tides are turning. And we women are rising. We must become the new leaders if we are expecting any real changes.

Now then, to my female friends. Support one another. For real. Support people's projects, books, business ideas...stop making excuses why you cannot support. "It's too expensive, it's too "out there", etc. Our commitment to fear and enslavement is so embedded that our freedom seems too far fetched and yet, men support each other, why? Because men got all the power. Most men don't even realise how disempowered their moms and girlfriends are because they just can't imagine it, why? Because WE still don't really talk about it. Instead, we bury our heads in trying to get ahead and make more money, become a success, so we can power-over each other and fit in nicely to Man's World. This is all so fucked up and annoying. And no, I do not have answers for you. Other than meditation is powerful and so are you.

Women's disempowerment and white, male supremacy has done me in. What about you? You feeling the burn? These issues run deep in the collective and the rising feminine energy is happening to us. Are you willing and able to allow it to rise? Or are you scared shitless and spinning in denial. Denying your power will distort it and probably add more stress. Allowing it and owning it will raise you up in miraculous ways. But you gotta OWN and FEEL and be willing to EXPRESS the burn!

I have published a book this year, and I am amazed at how many of my so-called "warrior-woman" friends haven't even bought a copy, let alone sent a congratulatory, well done you. Not that I need it. But I am surprised, that's all. I support and love people and show up for them when they need me...and when I need support? They disappear, more than likely because I don't serve them in a way that pleases them anymore. Love 'em, but also, fuck 'em. I ain't playing small for no one.

All To Love's going global. Why? Cause LOVE is a GLOBAL solution.

I am not playing by anyone else's rules but my own. Join me! Let's keep rising in fearless love.

Buy the book. Join the online Tribe and become radiantly fearless!

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