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  • Heath Howell

The End of the World

It's not the end of the world my friends, it's the end of the world, AS WE KNOW IT.

It's the end of "their" world; the aristocracy, the royalty, the bloodlines, the rituals, the power lusters, the warmongers, the hierarchy, authoritarian style corruption, overlording... These configurations no longer serve the human being. They only seek to destroy the masses for their own local gain in order that they may continue to exemplify their idea of the benchmark standard of human decency and civility.

They created society/life as we know it so they could be the rulers of it. They've learned to use "people who are not them" only as a resource for personal gain. And the people went along with it; save a few rebels.

Those influenced by this old energy cannot recognize their inherent connection to other humans because they embody a perspective of separation based on fear for their own survival. It's so distorted that they can now only feed on the destruction of humanity. A good deed to them is the most appalling of behaviors. They would say, "if you have all this time for good deeds you're not really a responsible human being, cause life is hard, so you need to act like it!" What they're really saying is simply "subvert your power."

We're not gonna be allowing that thinking to control us anymore. The spiritual evolution of the Human Being has been catalyzed by these very systems that now oppress it. So in a way, over the entire course of human history, these now obviously destructive energies, were once the structures that brought us together. They taught us to survive because they are resonant with the source of fear. Survival was the primary objective. But we've got that covered now. We know what is needed to survive. Our capacity can expand now to greater heights. Now, the new primary objective for humanity is self-discovery. Each and every individual at liberty to discover their own optimal potential unhindered by scrutiny and judgement, and to discover the cosmic secret inherent in human connection.

We've out grown the old structures, and they are rotten to the core because we've leaned on them for far too long, albeit unknowingly for the most part. We call them evil now because they no longer serve our evolution, all the while working to convince us of their necessity.

These energies, patterns, structures, whatever you want to call it... We were encouraged as a species to lean on them, do their bidding to "keep ourselves safe." But we were just being taught to keep "them" safe from us, from the truth, that we are all one inseparable organism of consciousness.

Then they got comfortable and made it nearly impossible NOT to lean on them.

They tried to consume humanity. The entity orchestrating these old energy structures assumed that it could become humanity. But due to our individual godly nature that will never come to pass. We will only suffer their influence, not our demise.

The general unconscious behavior that is so rampantly obtuse in society today is nothing more than a symptom of our condition. We allowed ourselves to get so caught up in the externalities of life, that we've all forgotten the immensity of what we are on the inside. We've all forgotten what we're doing here on this planet together. We got lost, but at least now we know we were led astray.

The war for the human mind has waged on since the dawn of consciousness. But this battle has come to an end We're refusing to let others circumvent our divine authority and subvert our inherent creative power. We're discovering the truth, we're waking up, and we're growing awarenesses.

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