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  • Jack McGivern

Why is Veganism so Popular?

In the last few years, veganism has exploded in popularity. Whether you have seen your friends and family switching to a vegan lifestyle, or even the huge increase in vegan options in both fast food and your local shops. Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have also seen (or heard of) many documentaries such as Game Changers and Seaspiracy that highlight the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, or perhaps fully reveal the harsh reality of a meat based diet.

Is Veganism a Phase?

Many skeptics initially think that perhaps veganism could be a phase, or something that people try initially only to return to animal based products later down the line. This isn’t because of the nature of veganism itself, but rather the way that hype seems to build quickly in our globalised world.

When an important cause or movement becomes attached to social media buzz words such as #Veganuary or #MeatfreeMondays, many people can get the idea in their head that the cause is more about social validation and wanting to appear to be a good person online rather than the cause itself. I am sure that there are some people out there who shout from their social media platforms about being vegan for likes, but in reality, veganism is too important to simply write off as a social media fad.

No matter what conflicts exist between nations, there is no greater conflict than between Man and Mother Nature. Veganism isn’t a new idea, it is a way that we can live in harmony with the land. It is extremely similar to the zero waste lifestyle, as we wish to take care of our planet rather than exploiting it for our personal gain.

Social Media and Veganism

Social media has been critical in helping spread information about veganism, showing others how possible it is to switch to a vegan diet. Veganuary itself (going vegan for the month of January) is a great movement and a great idea for anyone looking to challenge themselves. Having a set date where you can return to your normal diet adds less pressure. A month is also enough time to create a new habit, meaning, you may not even feel like going back to animal products once the month is up.

There tends to be a large number of heated debates surrounding veganism on social media and I often wonder whether it stems from denial, or an unwillingness to change. Sometimes when humans are presented with evidence that is contrary to their way of living, they try to oppose it or do anything they can to maintain their current lifestyle without feeling guilty for their actions. This is evident across social media as we regularly see aggression shown towards vegans for seemingly no reason. This seems to mirror the meat industry itself where a separation from others seems to bring out the worst in ourselves. This is why documentaries such as Cowspiracy can instantly convert people to a vegan lifestyle, because they are forced to confront reality, no longer able to ignore where their food comes from.

Knowledge is Power

Today, we have seemingly unlimited knowledge at our fingertips. It is no wonder that veganism is becoming more popular each day. We are able to witness the horrors of the meat and dairy industry without the façade that these industries wish to sell to us. The more we talk about veganism and how capable we all are of making a change, the more people will be willing to take the leap.

If you believe that going vegan is too difficult, there are ways to reduce the amount of animal products in your diet, even if you participate in meat free Mondays, or choose to try the new vegan options available in supermarkets and fast food chains. Every action you take truly makes a difference.

If you love this planet, the animals that inhabit it, and want to create a bright future for generations to come, then you already understand why veganism is so popular today.


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