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Vegan Online Course

All To Vegan Love

BE THE CHANGE Vegan Online Course

Every week, we’re featuring different vegan businesses and we’ve got an amazing line up for you! 

All included in our next #BETHECHANGE #onlinecourses - All To Vegan Love offers a light-hearted, compassionate and practical approach to veganism. The 8 week course, includes a case study with a non-vegan sharing the transition with you, easy at-home recipes, tutorials on vegan cosmetics and fashion, dealing with resistance, raising awareness and lots of additional resources. 

What are some of the benefits of a vegan diet?

1. Feel lighter and more vital
2. Increase your awareness 
3. Feel more aligned
4. Be part of a global movement towards a more compassionate world
5. Raise awareness around you!

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Become part of a compassionate global vegan community!

You can purchase one week of our Vegan Love Course at a time. BUY NOW for £22 and let us know what week you want. If you we don't hear from you, we'll automatically send you week one.