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Top Tricks for a Zero Waste Halloween

As temperatures begin to drop and we become reunited with our favourite sweatshirts and hoodies again, we also welcome a time when many people choose to dress up as something a bit more spooky. With Halloween just around the corner, you may already be wondering exactly how you are going to be spending it, as well as who you are going to be.

Halloween can be great fun for everyone, but unfortunately, it can also lead to a huge increase in waste. In fact, for some people, this may be the scariest thing about Halloween. So for anyone looking to opt for a zero-waste Halloween (or looking to reduce their waste), here are our top tricks to help you make the most out of this spooky season.

Remember the Zero Waste 5 Rs

If you want to remind yourself about some ways that you can reduce your waste this Halloween, think of the 5Rs:


With Halloween parties at work or with your friends, it can be hard to say no, but sometimes speaking up can help everyone make greener choices.

For example, if you have a Halloween spread at your workplace, use regular plates, cutlery, and glasses, rather than opting for single-use kitchenware. Imagine the amount of waste there would be if everyone decided to use nothing but single-use plastics for even just one day each year.

This also applies to any costume that you may be considering purchasing. Avoid synthetic materials where possible and opt for biodegradable clothing. Remember, a high-quality costume can be reused for many years to come, so don’t be put off too much buying a costume that is slightly more expensive.


This one may seem difficult, but one extremely powerful way to reduce your waste this Halloween is by reducing the products you buy in the first place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t decorate your house or wear a scary outfit, but make sure to reduce the number of items you have to buy if you don’t need to.

For example, if you rarely have trick-or-treaters in your area, maybe try and reduce the number of treats that you buy to give out this year, you can always run to the shop to buy more if you start to run out of sweets.


We can all reduce the amount of waste that we create this Halloween by simply not throwing out as much. Dressing up this year doesn’t have to mean buying a cheap outfit to throw away straight after the party. This year, why not try and create your own costume out of clothing you already own, or perhaps even from any costumes from Halloween's past.

You can always buy a costume that may contain a few items that you may actually wear in your day-to-day life afterwards. If you do find that you need to buy a costume this year, make sure to take care of it so you can reuse it again in a few year’s time, or source items from charity shops. You could even swap costumes with a friend.


This may seem obvious, but you should also make sure to correctly separate anything that can be recycled to further reduce your waste this year. Although, by sticking to the previous 3 Rs this should really be a final resort, and not seen as a solution to all of your problems. After all, not everything can be recycled, and there can be situations where items that could have been recycled, end up in the landfill either way.


Finally, this last R seems incredibly fitting for Halloween. Make sure to compost your pumpkins once you’ve finished with them! Food waste is a great source of nutrients for the soil, helping your garden to thrive.

In fact, the inside of your pumpkins can also be a great source of nutrition for you as well. If you are keen to try your hand at pumpkin carving this year, make sure you don’t just throw out the inside of your pumpkin. Why not make a pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie and really get into the Halloween spirit.

It is estimated that around 18 tonnes of pumpkins are thrown away each year in the UK. Considering that many people are starving across the world, it seems like too much of a waste to purposefully throw away this quality crop. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up looking forward to trying a new pumpkin recipe every Halloween.

Remember, Remember to be Zero Waste in November

Who says it has to stop there? If you have enjoyed the challenge of reducing your waste this Halloween, don’t wait till New Years Eve to make zero waste your resolution.

Find more tips on living a zero waste lifestyle by checking out All to Love’s Online Zero Waste Course, today!


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