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  • Heath Howell

Thought Musings

Are thoughts alive? Is a thinking a living being bigger than we imagine? Does thinking become the thinker?

You have freewill to the extent that you have the capacity to choose, but not free thinking. You have to earn freedom from thought. Freedom from how the mind will try to express itself through you.

The human being is not naturally a slave to the mind, but the two must come to an agreement. I'm speaking of the human beings divine creative capacity to think as a component of it's existence.

Thinking uses unconscious humans to manifest itself into the external world. This is expressed in ego identification.

Thinking becomes us in order to see how we resonate with what it presents. When we make conscious choices in life, either for or against things that thinking presents us, we set indicators for life to recognize our response. This is how we come to an agreement with the mind.

Often we are presented with visions of the future or memoires of the past. We aren't experiencing clear balanced thinking because most people are not setting recognisable indicators. These folks aren't even aware of their choice in the matter. They are just fully identified with the thoughts being presented, as though life was telling them who to be as opposed to just offering a bank of options for them to make choices upon.

Disengaging one's awareness from the mind is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, but some are just addicted to thinking. Their awareness resorts to old familiar thought patterns and that's where they stay. Setting the indicators that keep them in that same mental routine.

I think thinking thoughts about thinking is a great exercise, but ultimately one might find more joy in absence of thought. Or even better, a healthy balance of engagement and disengagement!

Here's a couple tips for finding that healthy balance:

1. Meditate. Go into the that 'no thought' space within and feel into it as a presence awareness field.

2. Play. Engage with life playfully! Be curious, be present to the beauty of nature and just take a moment to breathe deep and be an awe of life. (Meditation will help with this.)

3. Relax. Practice conscious relaxation techniques to encourage stillness and ease. This creates more space for conscious choosing.

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