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Frequently asked questions

What is a digital detox?

A digital detox is when a person voluntarily refrains from using digital devices. Today, this includes smartphones, computers, social media, and game consoles etc. A Digital detox has become more popular as society has widely embraced new technologies. A digital detox aims to focus our attention on social and spiritual activities.

How can I digital detox?

There are many things you can do to help during your digital detox, the most important thing to do is to make sure that you are only using digital devices with intent. Say no to any time spent idley scrolling on your phone or browsing the internet endlessly. If you want to use your device, have a clear intent before turning it on. Another idea is to place your devices in a specific room, removing the temptation to use any of your devices anywhere else in your house. Finally, set yourself limits, whether you only use your devices for a certain amount of time per day, or if you allot a certain time during the day when you are free to use your devices as you please.

Why is a digital detox important?

Have you ever woken up and immediately reached for your phone, only to spend the next 30 minutes scrolling through social media? To put it simply, digital devices can often become a hindrance to your productivity. Digital devices also allow the user to receive the same kind of psychological rewards that you would expect from social interactions and hard work. Do you feel good after getting 10 likes on your new profile picture? Or do you perhaps feel a sense of accomplishment after leveling up your character in your favourite video game? This isn’t to say that it’s wrong to enjoy these activities, it is just important to recognise when you are spending too much time living in the digital world, rather than having real life experiences.

Does a digital detox work?

There isn’t a definite answer to this question, as results can vary from person to person. For example, cutting technology out of your life completely may actually prove to be a step backwards rather than forwards in today’s world. However, it is generally agreed that limiting your digital diet can be extremely healthy for your mental health. What’s more is that it gives you more time to focus on any goals you may have been putting off in order to satisfy your taste for the digital world.

What can I do when unplugging from social media?

Today, people generally use their phones to access social media, and for this reason, unplugging from social media can be easily achieved. One option is to completely delete your social media apps from your phone, if this isn’t realistic, limit yourself to a certain amount of time each day. One important thing to do is to turn push notifications off so that you aren’t tempted to reach for your phone. Another idea that works is limiting your social media to one device, whether this is an old phone or perhaps your desktop computer. Once you are able to reduce the time you spend on social media, make sure to use this time to focus on yourself. Use this extra time to have some much needed rest when you get home, or perhaps you could enjoy reading a book in the morning with breakfast. Depending on how much you used to use social media, do whatever you want with this reclaimed time.