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  • Jack McGivern

Unplugging This Christmas

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday or not, the festive season is often a time of coming together with friends and family – a time to take a much-needed breather from our otherwise hectic lives. With social media and remote working apparently here to stay, the holiday season offers a perfect opportunity for a digital detox; a chance to turn away from our devices so that we spend quality time – up close and personal - with our loved ones.

Unplugging for Freedom

Technology plays a huge role in our lives today so it can seem difficult, if not near impossible, to unplug. The thought of being without, let’s say, our phones for even a moment, can actually strike fear in us. Fair enough, technology does play an important role in our day-to-day, a truth that was made much more apparent during lockdown last year, but the problem is, that we often spend too much time glued to a screen scrolling aimlessly through our favourite social media platforms, focusing on the lives of complete strangers. This behaviour can be a break of sorts, but can become obsessive, and let’s face it, it is an unhealthy substitute for true human connection – something we not only desire, but need.

How to Unplug this Christmas

Making a conscious effort to unplug this Christmas would be a rewarding gift to give yourself, and, I daresay, others. Technology will continue to have it’s place, but let’s make an effort to keep it in that place. Over the holidays is a great place to start unplugging.

Below are some tips to get the most out of your time spent with loved ones this holiday and possibly into the coming year.

All Fun and Games

It can be easy to stick on the tv or stare at your phone if there is nothing else to do, or nothing going on. This is why it is important to stretch yourself. Why not choose a task that encourages conversation? Party games and classic board games can involve almost everyone and are fun for all ages. Furthermore, they are a great way to reconnect after so long apart.

Create your own Fun

With a wild enough imagination, boredom soon loses its place in our vocabulary. Creating something together can take an afternoon, or even days for more complicated projects, but the memories are sure to last a lifetime. Something I enjoy, is decorating my home for Christmas. It’s a fun group activity. For those crafty types, why not make your own decorations? They can be reused each year and the memories made are priceless.

Set your Intentions

Let’s be real, confiscating your family’s digital devices is never going to work. In order to get everyone to unplug this Christmas, it is important to get your family is onboard. Making a conscious decision to spend quality time with each other rather than an obligation will make all the difference. If you are a parent, why not put your device in a place where it won’t be used so that the rest of your family can see that you have decided to be without your phone this Christmas? For those who feel their willpower is lacking, try downloading an app that can be set to limit screen time. That way, you can make the choice to at least reduce the time you spend on your devices during the festive season.

Get Active

During winter it can be too easy to succumb to the warmth of your favourite blanket and a Netflix show, but sometimes nothing quite beats a winter walk especially if your loved ones are tagging along! If you don’t feel brave enough to get outside when the temperature drops, there are plenty of activities that can be done inside. For example, how about some family yoga in your living room this Christmas? Some laughter might ensue.

Enjoy the Snow

Okay, so this tip is dependent on luck and location; however, if you do end up having a white Christmas, make the most of it and get outside! Whether you enjoy sledding, snowball fights, or making snowpeople, don’t shy away from your inner child when the flakes fall.

Final Thoughts

It’s been another tough year with COVID-19 still present in our lives, but we are ever so slowly beginning to return to normality. Let’s make the most of the time spent with our loved ones, grateful they are still in our lives and that we can give them a real hug. Also, do not be hard on yourself if you do find yourself in front of the tv for a holiday film or two. Like most good things in life, enjoy it, in moderation.

For anyone looking to digital detox, make sure to check out our Unplug for Freedom course.

And from all of us at All To Love, have a joyous and happy holiday.


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