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Spirituality Simplified

All To Love’s BE THE CHANGE Online Spiritual Course


This 8-week light-hearted and practical approach to spirituality is an in-depth, loving and humorous guide for living a life of true love, beauty and abundance.

Based on M. J.'s spiritual awakening and transformational journey, her ten years of professional success in the yoga and wellbeing industry and the continued positive reviews of The Fearless Life Guide: An All To Love Project. This down-to-Earth online course will feature exclusive written material, including All To Love's tried and tested fearless love hacks, radical new insights that will cover a range spiritual topics and exercises that'll help you get to the core of any issue so that you can be truly free. 

Each week will also include TONS of video content! Yoga sessions, guided meditations, tutorials, interviews, guest speakers, guided relaxations, ALL (well, mostly) filmed on location in Bali, Indonesia, where M. J. was intuitively guided to write The Fearless Life Guide nearly three years ago and where Team Love crystallised the four pillars of the All To Love mission (and we also got stranded due to a volcano and met an amazing family in Lombok that Team Love have crowdfunded for, raising Earthquake relief funds.)

Straight up, M. J. is going to be sharing the juiciest secrets for how to live your most authentic, abundant and fearless life.


Want access? You can BUY NOW below or scroll to the bottom of the page to 'pay per week'.



M. J.'s online spirituality coaching clients pay £100 per session to discuss their spiritual awakening and transformational journey with her, gaining clarity, insight and loving inspiration along the way.

What spirituality coaching clients are saying:

"Words really can't express how grateful I am for you. After many many years fumbling for a light in the dark, who knew loving forward progress could be so deeply cathartic and so friggin fun!! Thank you for your inspiration and listening heart. Thank you for guidance that truly speaks to my own heart." - K. K.


"Feeling extremely empowered but a little nervous which is ok. I know I'll get past that." - J. K.


"Thank you so much for being a ball of gorgeous and uplifting and healing energy!" - R. R.

This course is designed to assist you in the same way, without costing you thousands of pounds, so that you too can learn the sacred tools and be guided in embodying the wisdom that'll change your life for the better.

You can purchase one week at a time. BUY NOW for £22 and let us know what week you want. If you we don't hear from you, we'll automatically send you week one.

This channel is coming soon!
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