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The Making of All To Love


“All You Need is Love”

For as long as I can remember, I felt a deep compassion for Earth and her inhabitants. I exhibited empathy, from a young age, being profoundly impacted by homelessness, war, violence and would grow up to seriously question the apparent injustice, division and oppression that was displayed on the television, newspapers and taught in school.

By the time I hit puberty, the pull to try to fit into society silenced my inner voice until I left home at nineteen and experienced spontaneous spiritual awakenings, reconnecting me to my intuition, a.k.a. intuish. I was guided to travel and heeded the call, buying a one-way ticket to England. All I knew was that Earth was going through a paradigm shift and that I, in order to be of service to creating a more loving world, had to listen, learn to trust and of course, follow my intuitive guidance.

Creating All to Love

By 2008, I dedicated my life to yoga and meditation, once again, being redirected by my good ol’ intuish; I needed deeper healing. Almost immediately, I was being asked to teach yoga and from then onward, yoga and wherever I was asked to teach seemed to direct my life…but I knew there was more for me to do, beyond yoga.

I created the All To Love website in 2012, inspired by one of my closest friends, who, as a result of our meeting and deep conversations, produced an E.P. called “All To Love”. I remember thinking, “That’s it. That’s the name of the brand.” Of course, I asked if I could use it, and All To Love was born.

I worked tirelessly for years, studying, writing, vlogging/blogging, learning along the way about manifestation, quantum physics, website building, video editing, online marketing, all alongside teaching yoga and meditation full time, sitting A Course In Miracles, attending conferences, leading classes, workshops, courses and retreats. I started public speaking in 2014 and now, regularly speak at festivals and online summits.

The Fearless Life Guide

By 2016, we published “The Fearless Life Guide: An All To Love Project” and All To Love officially became a limited company. From that point onward, I was led on an amazing roller-coaster ride of travel, investment, collaborations, in an exhilarating state of flow, intuitively guided to create more products and services that share the love, including the “Be The Change Online Courses”, All To Love Apparel, Live Share Crew, Online Yoga Crew and Intuitive Tarot Readings.

Skip ahead five years, welcome 2021! All To Love is a growing online lifestyle brand, with an amazing team of extraordinary humans who share the same core values of sustainability, spirituality, freedom and that, “love is all you need.”

There are so many more juicy stories to share, but I’ll save them for another episode.

Mega heart-love for Ma Lovas!

Join the movement. Be the change. All To Love.



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