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Zenful Zero Waste Course

All To Love's Zero Waste Online Course

This channel is coming soon!

What is the Zenful Zero Waste Course?


Zenful Zero Waste is an 8 week online course designed to give you all the information and tools you need to make your way towards a zero waste lifestyle.  We think the best way to make lasting change is little by little, so you can make the transition in your own time, “zenfully”. The course, however, will enable you to be zero waste within 8 weeks, should that be your desire.


When you buy the zero waste course, you will receive an email, which will include all the links to videos and written content on the All To Love site, that only course participants have access to. Every week will focus on a different area of your life, giving suggestions on how to keep the transition as zenful as possible. You can take your time or watch all the videos in one day! It's totally up to you.


We will cover your bathroom, kitchen, cleaning, clothes & homeware, traveling & parties, gifts & holidays, as well bonus sections around how to influence businesses and government organisations for those who want to take things a little further.

There is something to suit every lifestyle. For those who love a bit of DIY, we have some great recipes and options for making your own products. For those who don’t have time or DIY just isn't your thing, we have a selection of All To Love recommended retailers who are offering some amazing discounts just for those on the course.


It is important for us to make a zero waste lifestyle accessible for as many people as possible, so we wanted the price to feel really fair. For 8 weeks of exclusive video and written content, over £200 worth of discounts and access to Team Love for support, the course will cost you £88, which is only £11 per week! And, all magic numbers!

Why Zero Waste? An Education

A philosophy that endeavours to redesign the traditional linear economy and shape it into a circular one, leading a zero waste life aims to send no rubbish to landfills. The idea is to adapt current lifestyles and practices in order to model sustainable natural cycles, ultimately writing waste out of existence.

According to a 2018 report by Circle Economy, an estimated 90% of global raw materials do not make it back into the economy. While the incentive to reduce, reuse, and recycle form the driving force behind zero waste, it probes questions to do with responsibility: just how easy is it?

There are many ways to help begin one’s journey of living waste-free. 31-year-old Katie Finch, from Hove, UK, in collaboration with All To Love, has co-produced #ZenfulZeroWaste course to help transition people towards a cleaner lifestyle. “I have done so much research that I can share this with people so they don’t have to feel the overwhelm and stress like I did at the start. I want to show people how it doesn’t cost more, or take more time to live zero waste” she says.

All To Love is a pioneering movement dedicated towards the establishment of a sustainable and just economy. The course will be launched in September, and aims to educate about the reduction of consumption in general. "The underlying theme will be about changing your mentality and approach to waste, and altering your purchasing habits to be more mindful" she explains.

You can purchase one week at a time. BUY NOW for £22 and let us know what week you want. If you we don't hear from you, we'll automatically send you week one.