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  • M. J. Robertson

Drop It Like It's Hot

I get swept away too easily. My emotions take me on a wild and epic ride...daily. I fear the more I let go, the more lost I feel, and yet still, there is a knowing...deep within this body, there is a knowing.

What is the "knowing"? It's the intuition. The part of me that is infinite and one with everything. It continuously asks me to go further than where I have been and to love it all as it is. " Stop fighting" I hear the intuitive voice speak. "Stop trying" it says again. I cry. Tears of exhaustion, tears of pain and denial. Who am I? What is my purpose here? Why do I so often feel like I do not belong!? The cry goes deeper. It feels like the pain is being dug out...the sticky black fear that lays underneath my trying-to-be-normal. My "fitting in" is my pain because I do not want to fit in to a world that denies truth and secretly enslaves humanity. I desire freedom, so getting lost in this world is kinda the point. My lostness is my bridge to freedom.

All those years ago, when I left home, I knew I was leaving behind a part of myself. I continue to say good bye to this day. Good-bye to suffering. Good-bye to control. Good-bye to lack, fear and unworthy...God as my witness, I AM ENOUGH! I can claim it, my "enough-ness". I don't need anyone's permission to be who I am, to speak my truth, to shine my light. Cause that's what we are; LIGHT.

We dim our light by buying into a world that wants (or at least appears to want) to enslave us. Programs us to be sheep and follow the rules just to 'get by' and go on holiday once or twice a year. The media pits us against one another. Those seeking freedom laughed at by those still in their cage and those flying high are worshipped as Gods, or celebrities, when, the truth is, they are just people who believed in themselves and never stopped believing until their freedom came to them.

Freedom is for everyone. It's just that the 'slave-tangles' are thick and can feel totally overwhelming.

The weird thing is...we can drop it...all. We can drop the struggle and stress and fear and pain, simply by acknowledging it is there and it's a choice; conscious or unconscious. Stop making excuses for the fact that the world appears so fucked up and actually begin to enjoy your life. Enjoy the small things, the "simple things" like breathing (which is actually miraculously complex...thank goodness we needn't control that) or observing the beauty of nature.

Ultimately, all the shit, the dense belief system of separation, and the subsequent power-over-control-domination-fear-mongering-pain-harbouring energetic threads, which create the rules, the "this is how it is" limitation has all got to go. The system we have all created and grown up with is faulty now, corrupted and it needs to be dropped. Not fought, just dropped, so we free up our hands to focus their utility elsewhere. Like free-energy, clean water access and new paradigm education. It can and will and is done. We are already healed. We need only believe it to be true. And it is.

Trust me, I get scared. I feel lots of feelings. I feel pain. I feel my emptiness, my desire to dominate others, to tell everyone where to go! But, I know that it is all within me. That my attacking judgments are not truly me, but an extension of my false perception - that I am separate from the world I see, rather than one with the world I see. The flip. There it is. Simple. Yet, oh-so intense at times, because instead of blaming others or the world for how I feel, I have to own it - ALL. And that ain't always easy. It's painful! And yet, the less reactive I become when relating to my emotions, the easier it is to allow them to be there and to give myself the loving space I need to process them, heal and move on. No longer do I think something is wrong with me when I am crying from the depths of my being. I celebrate my ability to be with the totality of who I am in any given moment. I am also better able to listen to my intuition and make decisions which I know are guiding me ever closer to my desired manifestations, a.k.a. dreams.

I am consciously choosing to live the life of my dreams. To be bold. To speak my truth and to invite what I know I deserve; Love, Infinite Abundance and a happily ever after. I am claiming it. Right here. Right now. You can too.

We are not separate, it just appears that way. We are in fact, ONE ENERGY flowing in infinite ways, across infinite timelines and dimensions. Life is miraculous, beautiful and totally WEIRD!!

Break free from the rules in your mind. Whatever thoughts don't feel good -just drop it like it's hot.

I love you.

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