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  • M. J. Robertson

The Burden of Denial and How to Lift the Lid on Your Shit

Pardon the crude title, but let’s face it, the world we are taught to believe in is downright rude. Class divides, profit over people, fear, corruption, control, domination, poverty, stress. We all see it. We all feel it. What is the meaning of all this pain and confusion? What the hell is going on?!

I often have moments where, in stillness, I accept that I know nothing at all. That I am nothingness. That I am stillness. I am the All-ness too. When you begin to question the world you are taught to believe in, there really is no going back. Nor would you want to.

The world is changing. And fast. More and more people are waking up, realising their own power and making changes. Internet is like unity consciousness gone viral. Connectivity is instantaneous. Our oneness is beginning to sink in.

Denial is a massive part of the issue. Indeed, in our own lives, when we are in denial of our own feelings, negative patterns tend to spiral out of control. When we are in victimhood, refusing to own up and continuing to blame the outside world for how we feel, life simply does not get better. We fluctuate between despair, to superiority, to seeking escape.

It is time to stop denying how you feel, lift the lid ‘on your shit’ a.k.a. emotions and have the courage to own them all AS YOUR OWN and then, consciously choose how you’d prefer to feel or think about yourself and life. You have the power.

The reason going inward is so important, is because you are creating your experiences from within yourself and if you don’t know what is going on within you, you’ve got no chance of figuring out what’s going on ‘out there’. You will continue to go round in circles, looking for answers, looking for joy, when all along, everything you desired was right there inside you.

Whatever your opinion of the world and the people in it, you are totally connected to all of it, because you are the one having the experience. If you don’t like what you see, go within yourself and ask yourself some questions. What does your heart crave? What would you like to see more of in the world? What brings you joy? What fulfils you? Never stop asking yourself questions. Expect feel good answers and continue to trust in your feel-good-flow.

Your zest for life is all in your feelings. If you can gently permission yourself to feel good, and light and enthusiastic and free, then life will begin to unfold in the most miraculous ways. Your good feelings will guide you into greater experiences, but, to get there you have to be willing to own where you are now and that means feeling your feelings now, accepting them, forgiving them, doing whatever you need to do from within yourself to free your body and mind from those sticky, shameful, unworthy, fearful emotions. If you feel them, they are yours whether you like it or not. The beauty is that you can transform them.

Once you muster the courage to own all your feelings, you can practice a new way of relating to yourself, people and all of life in a way that feels empowered and peaceful. To get there you have to love and accept it all and commit to living in harmony with your own heart. That is unity consciousness. That is the new paradigm.

As a once broke, homeless and seemingly lost woman in the world, I now feel found. My platform for living has shifted because I owned and transformed all my shit. You can do it to.

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