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  • M. J. Robertson


All To Love is about waking up. It’s about power to the people. It’s about being inspired, being in love with life and wanting to be the best version of you so that you can uplift humanity, heal yourself, heal the Earth and live your purpose…the one your heart so deeply yearns and burns for.

I love Love.

I used to think that it was wrong or bad to love so much, to feel so much Love for the creatures and people…to be moved so deeply by the breath taking beauty of this world. But, now I know it is my greatest Strength and that I need to own that powerful feeling and expand it. I need to face every fear, every darkness within myself and transform it, transmute it into love.

It’s not about burying my head in the sand; it’s about having my eyes wide open and piercing fiercely through ever veil of darkness with a heart full of unconditional Love.

I know that the Earth’s vibe is rising and I want to move with it. I know that people are waking up to their inherent power and wanting to make some epic changes.

There was a time, I just wanted to fit into the right size jeans, now all I want is to create a New Earth. And I believe I can. Not alone, but with my brothers and sisters who feel the same way. The one’s who know enough is enough. The greed, corruption, deforestation, slaughter and slander has got to go.

We are One. One people. One World. One Universe. We can do this. All we need to do is believe. See the light. See through the eyes of Love. Have faith. Let go of the old fearful illusion of separation and heal, one Loving, light-filled breath at a time.

We got this. Let’s move and give it up All To Love xo

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