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Transformational Intuitive Yoga

An All To Love Project


Whether you want to develop and commit to your personal practice or pioneer a career as a yoga instructor, M. J.'s intuitive yoga sessions will definitely help. 

Created by M. J. and mastered over her 10 years as a professional yoga guide, her intuitive yoga is sought after and loved by many. 

The All To Love style is an intuitively led movement meditation, which creates a sense of calm, increased vitality and a deeper sense of peace and connectivity.

Each session is unique, as M. J. always works in the present moment, with your needs, while the intention and aim is that you achieve a sense of self-care mastery, confidence in your practice and teaching ability, so that you can live a life filled with love, ease and joyful abundance.

Join All To Love's ONLINE YOGA CREW and get over 44 intuitively guided yoga sessions to suit every mood. You'll have access to a variety of video tutorials that cover meditation techniques, transformative breath work and deeply energising, flowing, restorative movement. Develop your personal practice, align with your intuition and learn how to truly love your body, heal your mind and live an authentic and joyful life!



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