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  • M. J. Robertson

I'm not in the Universe, the Universe is In Me

An Expanding Universe

We live in an always expanding Universe. This means, that we too are continuously expanding. It is our natural state. Our natural state is also healthy, vibrant, radiant and loving. So, why do we get sick, stuck, depressed? Because, we deny this naturalness within us. We stagnate, stop moving, stop changing, stop growing. We lock ourselves indoors and shut ourselves off from the world and each other because we are so afraid of this great expanding Universe.

The Media

The papers, the news, the media = monsters! Everwhere there is catastrophy, chaos, war, famine, disease, lack of. But is there? Really? What happens when you stop? Stop listening, watching and believing in all that stuff 'out there' and instead start listening, watching and believing in your self? Ooooooooooh. What might happen? No, the world will not end. Yes, your world may change. The wheels may need a little time to shake off the dust and get used to moving again, but once you start, you won't want to stop. I stopped watching the news, um, well I was never really that into it actually. But at school, we were told to. 'Current affairs' like reading the news equalled knowing what's going on in the world and was crucial to my undestanding of it and to being a valid human in society. Funny, thinking back, I never enjoyed it...and everything felt so segmented and misunderstood. All this outside learning, it was tough! I was depressed, frightened. I have old journals with the words fear and darkness doodled all over the page. Everything I was being taught frightened me.

Taking My Wellbeing into My Own Hands

All this stuff I was being force fed filled me with a sense of darkness. We have all been drilled into line from a very young age 'Sit up straight,' 'don't fidgit,' 'be quiet,' do this, be that and on and on. Enough! At 15, depressed and suicidal (and of course backed by the trauma of puberty!) I asked for help. The psychiatrist prescribed prozac (an anti-depressant drug) after only one session. I didn't take it, stopped going to therapy and instead went to the library. I took my wellbeing into my own hands and started learning about me. Thank God for that! I haven't thought about that part of my life for a long time. But I suppose it was relevant when I ponder the state of things and so much of the fear mongering out there. I now choose to only dwell on that which pleases me :) Call me unaware or selfish, but what I do know is that more healing has taken place within me since I stopped paying attention to the 'news' and instead started paying attention to me. 'I am not in the world; the world is in me.' I create my world and you create yours.

We Are Connected

We are all connected and the more we can all pay attention to our own inner world the more we can create a world filled with love, joy and truly good news! Namaste to that! Love to all. Peace & deep breaths :) xxx

Looking within ourselves can seem difficult at first, but through practices such as yoga or by generally choosing to ask questions, we can take one more step in our own spiritual journey.


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