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  • M. J. Robertson

Be Great or Small, It's Your Choice

And now, it's on. Things are moving! Well, I have moved house. And it is wonderful. I feel like a real grown-up. Someone who is in command of their life, happy, healthy and in love. I can feel another move on the horizon too; public speaking. What?! Yep, it feels like something is bubbling inside; a need to express more! It sorta feels unreal, like, 'who am I to talk to people? Who will want to listen?' Blah, blah, blah. All that inner doubt and self-defeating blubber that makes me feel like shit and not good enough to do what I want to do. Well, it ain't gonna work this time. I have come to recognize that part of me and I just ain't gonna listen to it anymore, done. Instead, I am going to focus on that part of me that is expansive, positive, loving and truly blessed in every way. Yoga teaches me that we are all warriors, mountains, eagles and children all at the same time. Infinitely powerful and God-like creatures who are evolving to a place of recognition. In a much larger way, more of us are beginning to remember who/what we are. We are Divine, y'all!! We are total, deliberate creators, living in our own personal movies. I am the star of mine and you, yours. We are not victims, we are not cave-men, barbaric monsters, we are always learning and growing, life-time after life-time, expanding evermore. Whoosh! How crazily exciting is that?

Early Awakenings

Lots of shedding has taken place in me over the last year, like a quickening. Where it was a slow, painful process in the beginning, from the early awakenings over a decade ago and then since 2012, it's been speeding up, layer after layer stripped back to remind me of who I am. It's brilliant! And because of this, I want to share, open-up and communicate with more people about this process and experience. That we may relate to one-another in a deeper way and encourage one-another to keep going down this path, mindfully infusing our communities and the world at large with loving vibrations and positive intentions. No longer does the world 'out-there' get me down because I know it's all really 'in-here,' in me. If I create my world, I better damn-well make it good. Make it what I deeply, truly want. No excuses. No more self-denial, no more lying to myself, no more hiding.

Self Discovery Through Yoga

I realize now that yoga was a permission slip. A tool that enabled me to become more of the person I felt myself to be. A platform for self-discovery. Now, the word yoga takes on a whole new meaning...I don't do yoga, I am yoga...we are all yoga. We are Divinely One. Reflections of one another, conscious choice makers, teachers, students and masters of life. We needn't be afraid. See now, I recognize the fear, I recognize the bullshit in me...that little annoying part of myself (also reflected back at me by the world around) that puts me down, that makes me feel bad, unworthy, too fat, too ugly, etc, etc. That's the bit, when it comes up, as soon as I catch it, I stop it in it's track. 'I see you...and with the power of all that is loving and good I BANISH THEE FROM MY MIND!!!' Presto. I feel empowered, I remember that I have a choice and go on to think awesome, yummy, delicious thoughts that make me feel good, whole, expansive and deeply loving. Compassion is the word of the month for me. Sutra number 4. 'Understand through compassion, or you will misunderstand the times.' So whenever I feel angry, frustrated, impatient, I think of this sutra...'Understand through compassion, or you will misunderstand the times.' And then, I soften, I feel the anger begin to dissipate, I see the other through loving, compassionate eyes and am able to see the situation more clearly.

Love is the Answer

It's all in me. The more I love, the more I can express love, feel love and know the truth. LOVE IS THE ANSWER. COMPASSION IS THE KEY.

Our ability to dig deep, look beyond illusions (which is everything we perceive, including ourselves, yep, that's right...not even the body you inhabit is ultimately real,) to tune into the place within that flows, speaks in subtle loving tones and reminds us of who we are in a beautiful poetic way, that's when this life starts to get real. Really good that is!

It isn't about transcending the body, to mean the body doesn't matter. It does. It's the vehicle, the channel, the way in which we experience. It is about transcending the base, fear mind that keeps us attached to and a victim of the illusions. However, saying that, I believe that it's all perfectly designed, and no matter where you are or what is happening, it's all for the good. We are all learning all the time and this is what it's all about. We are all moving in the same direction, indeed, as One, and whether we make a leap now or a billion years from now, we will get there. It's written in the stars, y'all! We cannot die, we only appear to die in this physical world we have created, for fun :) and I think, for many of us, this is a time of re-balancing the scales. Allowing the feminine energy within us to rise up, make itself known and love like we've never loved before. This love is so great that it will miraculous disarm anything in its path. We do not need a revolution for change, we need only evolve, enlighten ourselves and do the inner work, that we are prepared to respond to help when it is called. That we are ready to serve and gift one another with a loving, forgiving and truly compassionate heart, so that we heal and raise one another up. Stop reading the news, watching it on t.v. Stop gossiping and talking shit about each other...instead, start cleaning up your mind! Get rid of the crap, bulldoze the limiting beliefs that make you feel limited and this time, let's make history, history!!

Forgive and Forget

Now, we have a chance to re-write it completely, forgive and forget. To effectively create a new world-order. One of balance, love and compassion. Creativity, support and healing hands. People used to ridicule me, 'you are crazy,'ll never happen.' So what. I'm too exhausted to play by other people's rules. I am making my own. I am tired of silencing myself out of fear, so I'll make a commitment to speaking for love. Each breath I take, each day I live, I promise to love myself exactly as I am, to accept how I feel, to listen to my inner voice and to extend the truth within. Because it's good. Because I believe in every single person on this planet. And whether I am idealistic or not, I believe in peace and I know this now is heaven on Earth. Let's live it. We are all great. And still, we all have a choice. What will yours be? I love you.

Keep smiling, keep breathing and remember to 'recognize that the other person is you.'


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