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  • M. J. Robertson

Living, Breathing & Being Yourself

Life is great. But it's not always straight forward. In fact, I'm pretty sure life is circular, or not at all how it appears. What does it mean to be unravelling everything you've ever been taught about life and how to live it? To be asking questions time and time again like, 'who am I?' 'what am I?' and 'what do I really want...if anything at all?' Sometimes life gets tiring. The striving, the trying, the desiring, the changing, the thinking, the motioning, the worrying. It all gets too much. It all starts to weigh down on you and before long you're in bed, exhausted, and crying as you watch a movie that has you tapping into your inner 'sad girl'. The tears feel good and the headache begins to lift with every flood.

Being Yourself

Not wanting to go outside, to face any sort of 'reality'. You just want to be alone, to rest, to process. To be. And this is all okay. It's okay to be that person. In fact it's okay to be exactly who you are. So, that was me this weekend. Totally wiped. Actually, that was me all week. Spaced out. Tired. Afraid to admit defeat...just keep going. Because I know I can, because it's all just feelings, and I accept that the Universe will not let me fall, that I am here to do whatever it is I am doing and that I am capable of getting through the 'tough' times. Why is it this way? What's going on? Well, honestly, it feels profound, like deep change occurs during times like this and then, you rise above stronger, more capable and ready for whatever comes next.

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful and full of miracles. We are blessed to live on this planet and to be able to share what's inside. Part of the reason I made this website was to be able to share more. Even if nobody reads it. To be able to let you in on what's going on inside. Because I think it all needs to be expressed...Yep, I feel the need to let it out! Like this life needs an outlet for expression and what better place than the worldwide web.

Insightful Meditation

Last night I had a really awesome meditation. I realized that it doesn't matter, just keep breathing. Keep moving and keep being yourself, whatever that is and whatever it is going to be. Be who you are, fully and allow yourself to be realized from the inside out. Don't be afraid of shutting down; allow it. Allow the feelings, the heartache, the headache, the tears to pass through you and be heard. Allow your feelings of doubt and discontent to be heard and love them. When you love them, they slowly dissolve. Their un-reality is exposed and they no longer have such a grip on you. Listen people, we are all changing and what's exciting is that it's all going to be okay. Whatever sadness, ugliness, darkness we've been through...none of it can stand against the light within us.

Keep Loving

Keep loving yourself. Keep crying and sharing what's going on inside of you. Talk to people, write it down, update your status. Whatever works for you. By sharing, you find your people, you realize by finding your people, your getting closer to yourself. Because you are always home. The Kingdom of Heaven is you. It's us. We're it. And our breath can lead the way, to open our minds so that we can learn from our lives and move into the beings we are designed to be continued...

Meditation is a great way to get in touch with ourselves. Make sure to check out all of the courses that All To Love has to offer, including both an online spirituality course as well as an online yoga course.

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