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  • M. J. Robertson

It's All Inside & It Ain't Always Pretty

I so want it to be! All pretty flowers, rainbows, paradise and super blissfully happy people all the time. But how on Earth could I expect it to be when I am still dealing with so much of my own shit?! The world I see, is really just what I perceive, oui? Now, I know nothing about marketing other than it is a clever way to make people buy your stuff. And as I continue to battle with my demons, there are moments when I have mini freak-outs, thinking to myself, silently nodding my head, 'yes, marketing, I need to look at my marketing and ramp it up. Branding. What does my brand really say. What am I offering? Focus, Molly, focus. This might be something worth looking at. Yes, it's all about marketing.I mean, how do others perceive me? Do I come off okay? Is this website good enough? Is it super lame? Am I being honest enough? Will people actually frequent it to read stuff...or am I just in my own little internet bubble, where no one else can actually see in.' I am so confused. I could go on.

Then there's Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and my recent discovery, Tumblr...OMG, I opened an account 8 months ago, only to rediscover it having completely forgot I even set it up. I think Tumblr's too cool for me. How can I manage it all?! I mean how can I make sense of all the pages, blogs, vlogs, uploads, images, photos, hashtags and trends. How do people do it? What's really going on out there?

And then, breath. I remind myself that none of that stuff really matters. Who cares!? It's all just for fun! Just be you and know that everything needed is miraculously falling into place.

I have been an introspective person all my life, so having lived a life carrying around a lot of pain and burden (all my own I might add!) it has been of highest priority to me to find a way to be less in pain and more happy. Who doesn't want to be happy? And having falling into leading yoga, I realize that I may come across to people as peaceful and happy all the time (unless you've read some of my 'Anger Management' posts) and it's massively important to me to be honest and break through any illusion you may be under. I am really not selling anything in the conventional sense, I don't want to lie or trick people into buying a service of mine. I simply want to be of service, because, I want to be happy and I want others to be happy too.

One thing I's all inside, but as we go in, what comes up ain't always that pretty!

Enjoy the ride :) xo

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