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  • M. J. Robertson

Enlightenment For All

Spritual Enlightenment

For much of my life I thought that enlightenment was this great thing reserved for a very special few. Those who are quoted and in the history books, people like Mother Teresa, Jesus, Buddha and Einstein; super humans, wise, all powerful miracle workers destined for greatness. Sadly, for us ‘normal’ folk, the working class, the mainstream, general population, we are simply not cut out for enlightenment…ever. How depressing!! And this is the way so many of us perceive ourselves; less than, not good enough, undeserving and just ‘normal’.

We are So Much More

From a very young age we are taught how to fit in, what to wear, what hours to work, what jobs we should aspire to and the difference between right and wrong. However, as I’ve grown and as I’ve learnt, I have come to realize and understand that this limited world view just doesn’t add up. We are so much more…all of us. Yes, of course there has been suffering and struggle, and I am under no illusion that there will continue to be challenges and obstacles as I persevere on this road to infinite love, light and true abundance.

But finally, the word is out and there are innumerable great teachers out there affirming what I (and I believe all of us on some level) have known deep within for a very long time, often too afraid to speak the truth for fear of being ridiculed and called crazy because it has happened, and those experiences have scarred me into keeping my mouth firmly shut and my ‘insane’ ideas to myself! Ha! Fortunately, my desire for truth and authentic living has far outweighed any scarring experiences of the past and so, I ‘live long and prosper!’ Now, writing about my ‘far out’ ideas and mostly surrounding myself with people who feel and think the same way as I do. Daily, practicing and unravelling un-truths that don’t align with the ‘All is One’ truth.

We are Divine

Indeed, we are divine. We are magnificent creators and we live in a paradise. No longer, must we follow the old rules that do not serve us and pretend like we are anything but divine, beautiful, all powerful miracle workers. Sure, the old rules are there, and there are still plenty of people living in confusion and darkness because they believe they are just ‘normal’ humans, powerless victims in a scary world filled with disease, lack, hatred, guilt and shame.

We Live in an Exciting Time!

But we live in a very exciting age, where it is only a matter of time before a critical mass begin thinking, speaking and acting in a way that is in alignment with an all loving Universe and then the scales begin to tilt, the light begins to shine more brightly and a great leap, a shift spontaneously, miraculously occurs…because we know, we believe and we see the truth of our nature as One.

Let’s do this! I’ll finish with a quote from Mike Dooley, I am so thankful for his books and audio CD’s. "Step number one for changing the entire world, is falling in love with it as it already is. The same is true for changing yourself."

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