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  • Heath Howell

The Next One

Relationships come and go, leading us to a better understanding of ourselves. Ultimately, this is what we are seeking upon our eternal journey through countless life incarnations.

Don't just be looking for "The One" during the discovery of a relationship. Committed attachment to one person for an entire lifetime may limit life's potential possibilities. If you fight for your limitations enough, the universe will often let you keep them, but you will be subjecting yourself to inescapable ignorance and inhibited spiritual growth until the bond is dissolved.

Society and morality place a lot of emphasis on maintaining happiness in marriage. But this programming is unfortunately used predominantly as a systematic control tactic to distract the delicate and naive divine elemental energies including those subtleties associated with Love.

Instead, of being fixed on the idea of finding "The One" with regard to desire for a relationship, things are much simpler, when you are desiring companionship, if you just look for the Next One.

There's no requirement to be in a relationship with another person during one's time on Earth. And that certainly is a beautiful thing due to all the wonderful self discoveries and creativity that can emerge. But if the desire for connection returns, honour it in a physically temporal way and your growth will be nourished by those you love along the way.

When you've experienced beautiful relationships you recognize how the identification and interaction with another person can transform you. You begin to recognize that the desire is not truly for the other person, although you find their company to be magical nourishing, and transformative. The desire is for who or what you might become because of intimate time with a person that you feel a certain way about.

How much intimate time we get with another is often limited to external circumstances beyond our control. The fear of loss runs rampant through the collective mind with regard to earthly relationships. On the other hand, when our faith is substantial enough, it may allow life to flow regardless of the hardships we encounter. When we accept this often uncomfortable existence as it is, we allow the universe to imbue us with our own Divine blueprint. We just need to allow ourselves the freedom to accept it.

This is precisely why Love is about non-judgement, non-entanglement. One cannot experience Love without the freedom to BECOME the existence that the universe is so fervently desiring it to become.

Service to others not because we feel obligated by morality or potential judgements, but because we've experienced Love, and we want to be a part of that vast wonder once again.

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