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  • Heath Howell

Something Special

"I'm really something special. It's the world that's fucked."

This is such a narcissistic thing to say. But oddly enough, it's actually become true for so many of us. The innocent creative nonjudgmental eternal being has all but been rendered invaluable to psychopathic intention.

Because we accept a sociopathic system of business, and narcissistic social life focused primarily on body parts and "valuable" belongings to be "the way it is," our reality mirrors that.

This is just existence trying with the utmost to give humans, as a collective experience, exactly what we want... to focus on our bodies and our stuff and be left alone by any higher calling. In this process, the divine aspect of our lives magically recedes from our awareness and we grow ever more materialistic and confused.

And look... That's just about the way it has become. Just a big fucking stuff party here on the planet. The psychopaths love it.

They've taken over every material power valve in the world per the necessity to keep masses oppressed and divine awareness as dim as possible, might the exposure render them powerless and ineffective. This is the fear that hides behind their deadened gaze.

But the collective consciousness cannot be dominated for long by a few psychopaths and their assumed superiority.

I spy a new divine awareness settling in. New people everyday are coming online to this awareness of the quality of ambient energy within their daily lives.

It's uncomfortable for us all because we don't realize how far away we've slipped from our true nature. For eons we've been pulling away.

It's uncomfortable because we are emerging from a detrimentally toxic existence that could not be more foreign to our true nature. This awareness is beginning to permeate the non transparent aspects of self-absorbtion in order to show us, whether we want to believe it or not, how damaging material focus has been.

The regime of the psychopath is crumbling. There's nowhere to hide. Soon the light of our collective brilliance will radiate within, undeniably. Soon you will see.

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