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  • M. J. Robertson

How To Overcome Feeling “Not Enough”

I’ve been in the world of wellbeing for a good while now and I’m here to tell you that the large majority of your problems come from a deep feeling (to the point of thinking it’s normal) of “not enough-ness”. And, no amount of money, status or botox can make it go away. In fact, the only way to make it go away is to realise it’s there and to face it.

The “not-enough” energy manifests in a multitude of ways across the human condition. It is so pervasive, that it seeps into all of our encounters and patterns of behaviour - from feeling guilty for relaxing, feeling poor when you have more than enough and feeling undeserving of loving connection when there are people in your life who really love you. The patterns are self-sabotaging and perpetuate thoughts of worry, fear and self-loathing. We end up believing things can never change, and apathy sets in. In short, this deep seated feeling of “not enough-ness”, which perpetuates feelings of shame and guilt, is at the root of our insane suffering patterns and deeply troubling dysfunction. We have forgotten what’s really important; us.

If we are living in a system of control and domination, we must recognise that this system is a reflection of mass-disempowerment and enslavement - so, in order to change the system - the disempowered masses must awaken and take responsibility for their energy. The people gotta take their power back. And this does not mean violent revolt, but rather, a grounded embodiment of love’s unifying energy field. This energy field harmoniously lights the way to a better life.

So, what do you do about it? How do you release this feeling of not being enough? Whether you feel depressed or stressed - it’s cause you think you don’t deserve ease and relaxation - you’ve been programmed to believe you are a slave. It’s time to wake up! You are not a slave, you are a creator and in order to create something different you gotta change your thoughts about who you are and shift your vibes regarding what you believe deserve. You gotta start feeling better about who you are and you gotta believe you deserve more - more joy, more love, more fun. You gotta believe that you deserve to feel unlimited amounts of love, compassion and generosity. You have to KNOW that you are deserving…anything less simply will not do. Oh, and you gotta know that everyone else deserves all the good feelings too.

See, we got lost somewhere. We started to believe in money, this external creation, more than one another. We got blinded by the sparkle and glitter of stuff and forgot how to honour the sparkle from within our own hearts - because that’s really all there is…that sparkling, glittering connection that we all have and without it, without connection, more stuff, more money will never bring you what you are seeking…because it is only in your “not-enough-ness” that you would ever think money could bring you that joy. In your truth - you know that YOU ARE JOY because you are love. Once you connect to that heart spark - money won’t be such a big deal, and you’ll have all that you need and more. And the beauty, is that you won’t be scared any more - you won’t be seeking - you’ll be in love’s creative flow, which is unlike any kind of systematic way of being. Love’s creative flow is unique to you and it starts with you believing in your dreams and most importantly your worth. You are perfect as you are. In your imperfection, you shine a unique form of love into the world.

3 Tips For Overcoming “Not Enough-ness”

  1. Become aware of areas of your life, you are not letting yourself have what you desire. Pay attention to where you feel stuck/low and work with owning the feelings, while consciously choosing how you want to feel instead. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

  2. Notice where you judge or blame others for how you feel. Instead of blaming, own how you feel and permission yourself to forgive, let go and move on. This practice allows you to learn from any situation and continue to grow.

  3. Start believing in your worth. Like really believe in your most epic dreams! When you absolutely, without doubt, know your deserving-ness, you will see a new you, be living a new life and experiencing a new world.


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