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  • M. J. Robertson

Expedition in Transformation: Living Intuition

If we only ever listen to the mind, we end up going around in circles. The intuition is a Divine Spark of guidance and love from within. A part of us that knows so much more of our lives and what is to come and indeed, how to truly enjoy existence in this form we call a body, on this planet we call Earth.

Today, I am sitting with a transaction around love and romance. The projections we lay onto one another, unconscious until exposed in the light of an unmet exchange, where one person wants more than the other, once the projector is on, the movie has to be played, we are somehow bound to act out the drama, the movie of our own unconscious thoughts and beliefs. Once we see them, we can change them, but dealing with the pain of our own old stories is never that fun.

So easily we give our power to another, and yet, it's a a beautiful thing to desire and to love, but that love is intertwined with an expectation that the other will fulfil our dreams and help us make it all happen. And yet, somehow in that there is an unconscious projection and disowning of our own inherent power to truly embody and create the life we love, absolutely.

Life is beautiful. It is also mysterious, shadowy, dark and paradoxical. There is something so exquisitely known and yet unknowable in Divine moments, that all form disappears into an abyss of radiant light. And yet, within the splashings of light, there is a consuming void of darkness. This void can drain us from within. Consumed with rigidity, a mind of knowing - fear lay dormant beneath the perceivable known.


I start writing again. This time in suspended preparation for an expedition. I am calling it “Expedition in Transformation”. This is a more serious endeavour into the unknown. A commitment to All To Love and the fearless life. To spread the message of love and continue to face and conquer my own fears…as lovingly and gently as possible.

The intuition strikes again. Within this last cycle, old, tiresome and draining patterns have re-emerged. I’m taking it in my stride, somewhat. I am sleeping a lot and meditating, following the feel good flow and sitting in some mind battling too. There is a lot of love and also sensing the rising shackles of the parts of me that are still gripping onto fear, density. They come up to be exposed. So I can see it once more for what it is, and choose what I’d prefer. An easy life of love and abundance. Sacred connections and effortless creativity. Fun. FUN. Play. Nature. Delicious nutritious food. Harmony. You get my drift.

The good comes in waves. The physical reality is spirit’s final crash upon the shore until another wave comes. Pay attention to the emotional waves, they are teaching us about the flow of energy.

Why does writing feel so good? Well, probably the same reason dancing feels so good to a dancer or painting feels so good to a painter. We all got gifts. And when we attune to that flow, that feeling that yokes an effortless well of creative energy from within us - that’s our gift.

My conscious mind has no idea what will happen on this expedition. I intend to share a lot, write everyday and film plenty. I intend to live and flow with my intuition, and ride out, with love, any storms that I meet.

To be continued…

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