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  • M. J. Robertson

Fairy Fluff Millenial Mess

The desire to make life look happy and wonderful all the time is a disease of our modern-social-media-'sold the dream'-brainwashed-generation.

I recently learned that my generation is called "The Millenials" and we are not being viewed in a positive light. Of course, nothing in this world is viewed in a positive light, rather, the worldly perspective, including that of our generation, is doomed. We are not doomed, but the old perspective of doom and gloom most certainly is. We gotta let go in a big way and the fear is staring back at us. It is plain and clear. We need to learn how to be patient and how to work smart. We also need to learn how to communicate, relate to our emotions in a healthy way and start to get responsible with regards to how we are living and consuming.

The lost generation of the millennial is depressing. Sold "the dream", we've ended up blind consumers and complacent participants in a faulty system of control, more concerned with how good we look and how trendy our friends are than the wellbeing of the planet or other people on it. The lack of compassion continues to stifle our conscious evolution and the millennials are as lost as ever. Uniformity has broken us and mass disempowerment continues to confuse us all.

We are living in a time of mass confusion and a growing recognition of mass enslavement. This, and most we face, are global issues. Too many still living in the matrix...totally blind, worrying about what dress to wear to the club or who to blame for their shit feelings while kids continue to starve and slave for our fancy items made for cheap so that our minimum (slave) wage can afford them. We all need an awakening...or simply: blue pill or red? Pills are simple.

I don't mean to be rude to the fashion conscious, in fact, I would never intentionally want to hurt anyone's feelings, but with the life I have lived up to this point, I am tired of censoring myself and 'being nice' because that's what a truly fucked up society tells me to fit into it's fucked-up-ness. No thanks. Instead, I'll own and share my worthy fucked-up-ness with others who are awakening to their sovereignty, power and magic. As we awaken, we dance through the fairy fluff, the lightworker 'I'm so special' funky "spirit junkie" phoney marketing scams, disengage the mainstream media agenda from my awareness and claim my unique Star Power, which is incredibly compassionate, love-bursting, cannabis smoking, geeky goddess, practical warrior of light in a totally distorted world of attack and defence. Yes, I smoke cannabis and thoroughly enjoy the magic of herbal medicines. In fact, I wish we could all just accept all of it rather than demonising stuff and dividing ourselves through external demonisation. Honestly, why can't we all just get along?

I don't care what you do. Just own your shit. All of it.

I don't care what you say. Just tell the truth. Honestly.

I don't care you think. Just notice your thoughts. And choose ones that inspire you.

We are creators of worlds. The world you see is yours. Own it and make it beautiful. You are allowed and more than capable of it.

To the millennials: Please, can we stand together for peace-love-light-serious-practical-monumental global change? How? Go within. Get clear. And move in the direction of feel good, beautiful, abundant visions for all. Let's break free. Let's be the ones that change it all for the better.

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