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  • M. J. Robertson

Money Spin

Talk about power. I don’t get it. Never really have. Why do we give this thing called money so much power? What’s it got that we don’t? I mean, we created it, so why do we act like it has more power than us? Surely not. How is it that we have created a system that enslaves us all…and then continue to willingly abide by it, complain about it and make endless excuses for why it is more important than life itself. Are we not infinitely creative? As questionably the most intelligent species on this planet, can we not come up with a better way to live on Earth? Oh, what’s that now, we have? Yes. All the genius of a new world is real; free energy, collaborative, creative, healthy, technologically advanced…no more slavery! All we have to do to get there from here is believe that it can be done. We do not need to be slaves anymore! Advanced technology takes away the need for a work force and we are left with leisure, pleasure and creative time, which is playful and abundant for all. Basically, once we expand beyond mass disempowerment, the world will be like a cool-ass paradise. Music, meditation, sacred psychedelic tripping, mind expanding shamanic rituals, dancing, celebration, worshipping our unique Star Power and falling into loving unity with ourselves and the world we see. Our only real job is to beautify our lives; from the inside out.

What most people don’t realise is that there is no world…not really. There is Creation. The world is an effect of Creation. In fact, everything we perceive is an effect of Creation. Creation is energy. Energy as a cause is infinite and formless. A never ending void of love and ease. Creation allows energy to come into form.

You know that I don’t take any of this seriously. I am just sitting with my own thoughts. Then my fingers type. I am not trying to get ahead in the world, because what’s the point? Who cares? I am just going to love myself and my world and everything in it. I am like a five year old kid again. I play, living in my imagination, effortlessly flowing in my life-source-stream and zone out when adults start getting serious. The adult world is a big pile of disease, hardness, rightness, pain and complacency. Who’s better? Who’s right? Who’s fit for the job? It’s all fucked up. I am so tired of fighting to get ahead in this world. For what? So that I can shop more and feel superior in my neighbourhood or workplace? Boring.

Yes, I have checked out. I am not playing anymore. It’s not fun. You know what is fun? Freedom and love.

Guess what? The more I check out, the more I can feel people’s disdain toward me. Their silent judgment underneath a phoney smile. People like to tell me what I need to do, what I need to think, how I need to want this or that. It’s hilarious. My vibration triggers the shit outta people and I can feel their unease. The excuses. “Well, I need to stay here because of my family” or “it’s easy for you because you do not have kids” or “I have a mortgage” or simply, “I can’t.” Pathetic. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. But quite frankly, I am also tired of being nice, just to make people feel better about their lame-ass excuses preventing them from experiencing love and freedom. It is a choice. In victimhood, however, choices are masked by excuses born out of a deep unworthiness. The more divided we become, the more powerless we are. The more excuses we make, the more our dream life eludes us. The trick is to own your shit, stop making excuses and lift the lid on it, clean up after yourself and then start again with a clean slate. Your slate stays clean so long as you don’t go back to blaming and making excuses. Attacking other people is a sure way to get shit all over your clean slate. So, stop doing it!

I know. Easier said than done. I see it and experience it often. We like to talk and act like we know stuff. And when it comes to the deeper side of life, which some people call “spiritual” it is really easy to talk about, and from personal experience, rather hardcore to actually practice. Everything gets into a spin, not just money, but money is a good one because our culture has become so weirdly obsessed with it and the entire system which breeds its dominion over humanity’s wellbeing.

Money has nothing to do with it. Any of it. It is all an illusion. Let’s talk more about illusions next time. For now, start giving yourself more power than money by paying attention to your words and emotions around money. Instead of worrying and complaining start to empower your language, using positive affirmations, like “everything I need and desire comes to me effortlessly” until you feel better. I know, it can seem totally ridiculous, because you are so practiced at feeling shitty and powerless around money. The world has successfully programmed you to think you are a victim of circumstance. There it is: THE LIE. You ain’t. None of us are victims. Nope. Just forgetful…asleep. It’s time to wakeup and smell the reality. Your Star Power awaits your recognition.

Until next time, stop giving money power and claim yours.

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