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  • M. J. Robertson

Vulnerability: The Gateway to Authenticity

Time stands still. Nothing moves. Within me there is a vast stillness - an infinite and serene silence. The turbulence of the world I see portrayed in pictures, voices and moving images looks more like a dream, a memory of an old destructive world. One that is talked about in our history books - the war to end all wars.

It is the war within ourselves. The conflict and confusion within our own minds. Freedom seeks expression through our thoughts, words and actions, and yet with every attack we falter. Every scream we shudder back in fear. The same fear that keeps us silent, keeps us stuck, fat and careless. We pray for something better.

I shine my light in one moment, only to feel embarrassed or unworthy the next, "I don't want to bother people" I hear my mind speak its doubt. I hear it and question it further, "Does McDonald's worry about bothering people? Does coca-cola? Does a militaristic agenda worry about bothering people?" HELL NO. So, I am not going to either.

With every passing day, I can feel the energy building up within me; fierce fearlessness to speak more, love more, ask for more. I deserve joy, bliss and infinite abundance; we all do. Our unique star power must be reclaimed. We must remember and share our sacred wisdom and begin to soften the edges of our fearful illusions of separateness.

Why are we fighting? Could it be that we are looking for our worth in winning battles and conquering Earth? Are we still seeking freedom in our feeling superior to others? Sink into your heart and ask yourself why? Why are you here?

The new paradigm demands that you question your world, over and over again. Sink into your heart and ask it, feel it, listen to it and be lead by it.

The culture of fear, stifles our ability to express authentically. Authenticity is your honesty - your ability to be real. Mainstream education and media programs uniformity as belonging and uniqueness as isolation or un-belonging. This is so powerful, that even teachers and well intentioned people get trapped in the game of fear, unknowingly perpetuating fearful illusions - competing and silently attacking one another.

The depth of my being knows no end and my authenticity has come from surrendering over and over again. Vulnerability, poverty, realness, my shadow, my dark side, my compassion, my radiance and connection...every bit a part of the whole. I soften. Vulnerability breaks me down until there is nothing left, nothing to hold onto and nothing to fear. As vulnerability breaks down my authenticity finally begins to shine through and I fear it not. Once I did. I was frightened of myself. Of being weird. Of being different. But here is another great paradox of life: the more I express my weirdness the more worthy and accepted I feel.

None of us can hide from our truth. It is there, always, ebbing and flowing with every experience. Go deeper. Break through. Question. Listen.

Your radiance is yours to uncover. Be bold, go within and claim it.

I love you.

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