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  • M. J. Robertson

The Momentum of Transformation

Well, almost a year later, I begin blogging again. It's not that I haven't had the urge or desire to write, but life has taken me for quite a ride this year. Let me share.

At the end of January, I received a message from a human being (Spirit in disguise) and was invited to Bali. My intuition irresistibly told me to go, and set me on a wild, blissful adventure, that brought with it massive cosmic lessons on love, sovereignty and the old energy of male domination and control. Not just that, but I hosted my first surf and yoga retreat, ended a 4 year relationship, moved house and shifted careers. Everything has changed.

Now, as 2016 winds to a close, I have to take stock. Writing helps me clear my head, especially when things get too weird and confusing. Since the recent elections in the U.S. I can honestly say, I have felt not only confusion, but total limbo-ness. The energy that lifted me up, shaken up every area of my life and, has now put me back down, but in a completely different world; one that is beyond political correctness and into full-blown division. However, in my heart, I feel more in love and connected than ever, with shiny hope of a new life. I can feel, with tangible excitement, the momentum of transformation.

Through taking yet another giant leap, I have landed in a new found sense of self. I feel empowered, beautiful and am able to express myself authentically. I feel a profound gratitude and privilege at being a western woman, with a voice and a nurturing heart that has an ability to feel and connect to the whole with integrity and humility. I am truly blessed to be living through this awakening. It is divine.

I am not alone in feeling this powerful transition. The wild woman in me knows that there are many others like me rising, stepping out, speaking up, and standing in their heartfelt truth. The truth is loud amongst the chaos of the old patriarchy. As the global patriarchy begins to crumble in its instability and inefficiency, a balancing matriarchy rises to not only pick up the pieces and clean up the mess, but to begin to build a new foundation, a new paradigm, a new world. This we create together as one.

I write because I must. I must express my inner world, for fear of it consuming me without ever sharing it with the rest of humanity. It hurst to hold it in, because the love is so divinely overflowing, I know it must be shared.

People are starving. Lands are being desecrated, dug-up and destroyed for a domineering and highly imbalanced energy. Why? I don't know exactly. I don't think anyone does. What can I do? Stand in my love. Stand in my compassionate knowing and have faith that I will continue to be guided, as I was guided to leave Canada 15 years ago and guided to Bali this year, following the ushering of the new paradigm, creating and sharing as I go. Now, abundance reaches me and bliss flows. I feel like I am being carried by a loving force.

My challenge, one of many, is to silence all the noise. There is so much out there...who am I to share my story? Who will listen? Who will care? "Just keep going." I hear my intuition speak.

I feel collectively, we are breaking. We are breaking through shackles, long-worn around our chests, wrists and ankles. Unknowing slaves to our mind's conditions and fearful, distorted creations. How can we break free? By claiming our Truth. What is truth? Whatever you choose it to be. You have the power.

Even the slightest attachment to the system triggers me. The tightness of lack. The limitation of separateness. THE FEAR. It all hurts. The heart aches an unbearable ache at love forgotten and almost lost. A forgetfulness so epic, all creation is here to witness Earth's transformation.

I forget that people still believe the system is real and separate from them. I forget that people still believe they are powerless victims. I forget only to be reminded. My mission continues.

My world is like a fairytale. Loving. Harmonious. Peaceful. Abundant. I am blessed. My compassion keeps me soft and humble. My fearless love keeps me strong. My practice keeps me grounded in faith and trust. I am reminded to stay in my loving heart so that I can listen more delicately to the whispers of my soul. To be of truly loving service to Earth and all her inhabitants. That is my gift to the world. I must live it. Fearlessly.

I don't know much. But I do know my heart. My heart tells me often to keep going. So, here I am. "A Guide To Fearless Living" is going to be published in a month, the final touches processed and packaged. Now, I continue to write and share my life with you, my inner world, my perspective. I am ready for whatever life brings me because I know what love is, I know that I am always connected to it and I know that every being on this planet, whether they have realised it or not, is also always connected to love.

I am writing this to let you know, that I haven't given up, I am just starting over. With a renewed sense of fearless love and empowered strength. I see the world with new eyes. An enlightened, wild and wise woman, not afraid to speak up, not afraid to be heard, willing to stand in unity with all who know that radical changes are inevitable. We can either lead the way, or be lead by a painful past. Let us not repeat our collective history. Instead, let's come together, love, heal, transform and write a new one. Join the movement and let the momentum of transformation carry you into a beautiful new world.

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