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  • M. J. Robertson

The Good Vibes

Well, what can be said? The festival was a brilliant success and such a beautiful experience to be a part of. It was an important meeting of minds and a sublime experience that showed me when we let go, miracles happen.

So much learning on every level took place. I saw clearly that decisions made out of fear only end in 'a waste of energy' or worse, a disaster. That a big part of leading is not managing people, but trusting the right people come out to play and to just let them get on with it. I practiced staying grounded throughout the whole experienced and focused on sharing love and allowing myself to simply be. With the help of friends, I was able to stay present, grateful and calm. I know that this has been coming for a long time and what I got to experience was Divine creation, a conceived realization of a much broader vision. An understanding that in my own world, I am finally seeing the fruits of my inner belief that Love is sacred and so many of us know and feel its significance in our lives. That there are many people with a shared vision of unity and peaceful living and we know that it is ours for the making. No one is excluded. It's just good vibes.

In the good vibes community, all is well. I am free to share honestly in every encounter, simply knowing we are all always connected to Source. There is a profound respect for all life and an individual sense of responsibility for one's own energy. I can fully feel community Spirit enlivening.

There will be another Good Vibes event...for sure. I need to go rest some more. Sending out a big love-filled THANK YOU to all. I look forward to more awesome adventures!!

Peace & love :) xo

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