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  • M. J. Robertson

Inner Voice Coming Through Me

Love is letting source flow through me. To extend that which is within me and allow myself to realize its full expression. Not to judge the external reality, but to actively work with it, moulding it, fine tuning it, becoming one with it. Time is of the essence, where there is no essence in time, only moment to moment realities, perceived through the senses and experienced through the souls design, manifesting all of its desired experiences to breathe new life into an ever evolving and expanding Universe. There is no end, only ever new beginnings, the perceived endings are only renewals of life force to be recreated into higher expressions of itself. Life never ends.

Ride the wave of the infinite, to become One with its richness and excitement, and consciously lift ourselves up to higher frequencies where the world will dissolve in front of our eyes and new portals of existence will be revealed. Only in the relinquishing of time will we see through the illusions of matter and recognize our inherent birthing of creation.

Don’t think, only listen. Don’t be disillusioned by the senses, only allow.

Our perceptions are shifting and it can be felt. We must begin to share ourselves more openly with one another to expand into deeper and broader aspects of Self. We mustn’t judge, we must forgive. Letting go is the relinquishment of attachment to anything external, any objects outside of us. To see through the physical eyes and into a more expanded way of seeing. Connect with one another. Love one another. Share what we have and let go of everything else. There is no end, only new beginnings. We are dawning a new earth. A time to heal and rejoice in our living. In our glorious aliveness and beauty. There is nothing but love to tap into, to move into and bring the light of love to every hurt, pain and limitation. The pain serves only as a healing, to release the lower frequencies back to source and enlighten the mind body for greater purposes.

We dream of flying because we can. We fantasize about magic, because we know these forces to be real. Life is but a dream of our own making, and we are waking up. Only to continue to wake up time and time again.

Now, love is the way for us. Allow the good vibes to keep on rolling. Free yourself from the burdens of attachment and be free to enjoy the life you desire. Enjoy this heaven on earth and be One with all who dwell beside you.

Namaste good people of Earth :) xo

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