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  • M. J. Robertson

Spectacular 'Aha!' Moments

"Circumstances don't matter, only my state of being matters." - Bashar One of my awesome friends and guru (I consider everyone a guru), months after introducing me to Abraham Hicks, tells me about Bashar. 'It's deep,' she says. We often talk about how amazing it is, that just when you think it cannot get any deeper, something else appears to take us that much further. Enter Bashar. Of course, I heard the message and got straight to it. His YouTube video "Circumstances Don't Matter" brought with it a profound recognition, 'that's what it's all about!' The penny dropped, an epiphany, a spectacular AHA! moment. Yes, I already knew the whole, 'it's all an illusion', 'practice a non-reactive mind', 'detach', etc, etc. But somehow, after repeating the statement over and over, "Circumstances don't matter, only my state of being matters" something shifted. Like, 'oh, my, God' I see. It's all only ever a reflection of my state of being! And that's why working on feeling good all the time is so important. Why feeling grateful, smiling, sharing, loving is so critical in receiving the life you desire...if you haven't got the feeling you can't step up to the receiving.

New Insights

The last decade has been a continuous unraveling for me. New insights, listening inward and being guided. Though there has been deep pain and many tumultuous times, the constant change has finally brought me to a place of inner peace and expansive excitement about my future, knowing inwardly what my future has in store because of what my state of being is today. I trust, I expect good things to come to me, I love myself and I see others through the eyes of love and acceptance. I let go of judgments when I see them and lift myself higher with every letting go. I dissolve my fears by facing them with a knowing that nothing I perceive outside of myself can bring me down unless I misunderstand who I am really am. It thrills me to the core knowing how powerful we are, backed by grace and Infinite Intelligence. That whatever isn't working, we can simply let it go, replacing it with new ways of being.

Looking to the Future

Now, more than ever, I am look forward to the future. To my life, that I command, falling into alignment with every easy breath I take and loving beat of my heart. We are One and that's enough. There are no mistakes, only a rediscovery of who and what we really are; Divine. Enjoy, smile more and take deep breaths and just wait in anticipation for another miraculous 'Aha!' moment. With infinite love in my heart for all beings as far as the expanse of the Universe. Namaste :) xo

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