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  • M. J. Robertson

The Time for Change is Now

This year has been seriously mind-blowing...for real, my old mind is being blown away! I was introduced to 'The Secret', and although I'd heard about it years ago, this time I watched it with an open mind and heart, and from a far more 'grown-up' perspective. Everything talked about in 'The Secret' I already knew. We all know it. It's all 'mind-over-matter' and 'think positive', etc. But this time it was different. Due to some intense learning curves over the last few years, it feels like it's all coming to a head, like there's this urgency within me saying, 'WAKE-UP! you are totally responsibility for creating your life...your wildest dreams are meant to come true!' So, from that point onwards, I starting studying, reading Mike Dooley, Marianne Willamson, Abraham and more. My meditation practice increased. I started visualizing and created vision boards. I started listening to audio CDs and watching more relevant YouTube videos, along with talking about it with people whenever I'd get the chance. I even went ahead and tested my kowledge and became a certified Law of Attraction practitioner. I started to get excited about life again. I started to feel empowered and I wanted to change, because I truly believed I could...and I have. Things are really moving now. My life is really changing. And it all feels really good. Old patterns that were not serving me rose up to be released/removed, and I now deeply trust this process. With every emtional cycle survived through the light of present moment awareness, I gained new insight and wisdom. In a truly miraculous way, I felt lighter and more free. I have more energy and I feel more connected to people. I am not afraid anymore. I do not worry anymore. Whenever I catch myself slipping into old 'worry modes' I suddenly snap myself out of it and say, 'stop, that doesn't matter, everything I need is provided. Life is abundant. There is enough for everyone. Amazing opportunities are always being offered to me and I am an ever expanding, glorious being with unique gifts and talents. I have so much to share and am highly valued in this world. I have a purpose in making this world a peaceful place, all I have to do is be myself.' I realize that I am not here to judge myself, and so I don't. Instead, I have a deeper sense of appreciation for being alive....seriously, the fact that we are here, living, is totally AMAZING. My mind is changing and thus, I can feel my whole life changing too; my body, my perspective, my encounters, my habits and my expectations. Now, anything is possible. My fears are being eradicated and any old beliefs that don't feel good are falling away. Quite literally, the heavy burdens of fear and guilt, as they dissolve, are returning me to feeling whole, light and radiant. Everyone I meet, I feel like I know them somehow, like everyone is familiar. Indeed, why would't they be? After all, we are One. I expect to have positive encounters and so, I do. I see the best in people and I can feel that we are all ready for some BIG changes to take place. It's time. Far too long have we been under the illusion of separateness. Through this foundational lie, far too long have we been hurting ourselves, one another and the planet. It's time to slow down, listen inward for guidance and follow our inner voice. We must. The planet calls for inspired action on our part to help her heal. But ultimately, it is our healing. When we heal, so will everything around us. There is nothing to fear. We are moving in the right direction and we all have a purpose. Go live! Enjoy it! And if you're not there yet, ask for help; it will appear in some form, because it's always working. Know that the real work is in your mind and it's time to pay attetion to what's going on in there, so that you can become free from fear and embrace your truly loving, expansive nature. Tell yourself, even if you don't believe it, that the Universe loves you and wants to provide for you, because it does. Because we are it. We are all destined for peace, destined for unbounded joy...all we have to do is start thinking and believing it. I know I am...and my will is getting stronger. My conviction is felt in knowing and experiencing a most beautiful connection within that is more powerful than anything I have ever experienced out there. This world is a paradise and it's time we started appreciating it. Let's work together, support one another in this phase of shifting minds, so that our union can be felt and help uplift all others still in darkness. Forgive, let go and breathe deep. The time for change is now and it's going to be a wild, transformational ride! PEACE.

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