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  • M. J. Robertson

Blog 1. Expedition in Transformation: Power Cut in Rotterdam

I’m sitting in bed. It's stormy outside. My fingers have been brought to the keyboard to write because there's a power cut here in Rotterdam, and I cannot check or update Facebook or Instagram, so here we are. It’s good. I wanna write a blog most days. To stay connected - to keep sharing. I oscillate between feeling really inspired, on purpose and uniquely courageous, OR totally confused, no idea what I am doing, living in some weird alternate reality and thinking I am a fool. “Get a job” I can hear my inner-father voice saying. I got one. It’s this. Writing and sharing and blogging and vlogging and inspiring and speaking and spreading love, light, my heart and truth. Don’t much think there is a better vocation than this. Expressing who you are with the world - boldly and unashamedly.

Two days ago I arrived in Amsterdam. Bought me some kush and headed to my country cabin, complete with sauna and outdoor shower. After spending close to 3 hours uploading the audio version of “The Fearless Life Guide” (which is nearly ready for sale), I enjoyed a couple jaunts between the cold shower and heat of the sauna - along with some lavender oil for self-massage loveliness, plus, the kush…always an enjoyable relaxant. My skin still feels amazing two days later.

Part of this expedition is total honesty and a little ‘breaking free’ from any industry - including “the wellbeing industry”. I’m weirdly over it all. Don’t get me wrong, I love my yoga practice! I LOVE meditation, deep conversation and metaphysics. And I LOVE feeling well. I am a firm believer in people finding their bliss and going after the life they desire. What I am bored with is industry. And, I get it. Yes, yes, yes, it’s the world we’re in, blah, blah, blah. I’m just dropping deeper into myself and have little to no resonance left with “how to be healthy in an industrial world” (ooh, great blog title) - like, let’s just all pretend everything is fine, when behind our gates and closed doors, we are fighting and in conflict with ourselves. The wellbeing industry, to me, is another distraction, like as long as we stop eating sugar and look really fantastic in recycled plastic tights, everything will sort itself out. Well, it could, maybe. I’m more interested in transforming the industrious system than feeding it with more false noise, like “You’ll be worthy once you get more clients, lose 10lbs and fit yourself into an over-saturated system of “experts” who are eager and ready to tell you exactly what is wrong with you and your life.” See? I’m tired of marketing and branding and selling-is-service and you need to invest in yourself mumbo-jumbo. We get lost in industry and forget about what matters.

C’mon. Most of us get it, right? Move your body and eat natural food, ideally plant based, with an occasional Grandma-made chocolate cake. Be kind. Feel compassion. Soften. Play. Remember who you are and why you are here. Express your truth freely and creatively. Be willing to unapologetically enjoy your life.

I’m tired of people telling each other what to do and how to eat and how to make more money (admittedly I do this - you needn’t listen to anything I say). The industrial world is slowly dying - it may not appear that way to many of you - but it is. A new world is dawning. This new world is more like a heavenly paradise, than hell on Earth.

So, this expedition is about me being me. That’s all. People will apply their labels. But not me. I’m an artist. A creator. A human being-cosmic-peace-love-guardian. And this is me, out in the open, honestly and lovingly creating my fearless life. Gotta walk the walk, innit.

The power cut this morning means that every time, like a tick, I check my phone, nothing is there. The “internet” bars haven’t come back and neither have the lights. Fortunately, the sun has risen and light is beginning to peer into the apartment.

I hope you enjoy this journey of mine. I want you to feel a part of it - because you are. We are all a part of it all. This is my little way of inspiring you to live your fearless life.

Get involved. Subscribe. Buy the book. Join “The Fearless Life Tribe” and claim your freedom.

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