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  • M. J. Robertson

Unplugged and Rising

There is a connection between being unplugged from mainstream media and becoming an authentic human being. In a very real way, our media consumption programs us to be vibrant or not-so-vibrant slaves (your vibrancy will likely have to do with how much unconditional love or privilege you received as a child). As slaves, we become needy, desperate and greedy, blinded by the glamour and power over structure of the system. We are all programmed unconsciously to desire power over other in order to feel powerful. Regardless of how shitty we feel, we pretend that everything is okay, as long as we look good, have money in the bank and say the right things.

Having grown up watching television, and a part of mainstream education, there is no doubt that it is all designed to program fear, scarcity and control into our consciousness. This teaches us to fear the external reality and deny our inner connection - wherein our true power lies.

Here's the catch, we have all on some level chosen this. We are not victims of a system of control and domination, but are co-creators of it. It has served its purpose. Now, it is time to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions and to lay the foundation for a whole new world. One based in unity, harmony and love.

Once you accept responsibility for your role (whether conscious or unconscious) in creating "the system", then you can work through your disempowered program and write a new empowered one. In short, you are totally responsible for the world you perceive and thus, are responsible for creating a new one; one that works for everyone. It is possible.

I am going to be honest with you. I often feel totally lost and confused. Why? Because I live in the unknown. Thing is, I am not afraid of it. I have been consciously unplugged for almost ten years, and straight up, the more unplugged I am, the happier and more peaceful I feel. I am happy and in love with my Self and life, despite feeling confused and weirded out by existence some times.

Living outside of convention is different and it challenges systematic uniformity which "the system" is reliant upon for survival. Basically, if we were all to become empowered, the system would peacefully transform into something that reflects our integrity, love and authentic unity.

As we expand our awareness into higher vibrational realities, infinite possibilities begin to open up.

Unplugging is about moving from a state of mental slavery into empowered creation and expression.

Unplugging is an act on non-violent resistance to what is often perceived as a system of control and domination.

Go on! Unplug. Raise yourself up.

I got you.

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