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  • M. J. Robertson

Heaven On Earth

When I reminisce, memories deep within the ocean of my mind serve to remind me that there was, at some point in my life a sense of safety, ease, joy, curiosity and enchantment with the world. Gradually and unconsciously, as many do, I absorbed the energy, frequency and ideas of separation that surrounded me. These vibes included, ‘I am never enough.’ ‘Life is hard and unfair.’ ‘I am worthless, powerless and helpless.’ Nice, eh? Way to shatter the enchantment.

Ultimately, the biggest battle any of us have to face will be the battle in our own mind. Who will win; the voice of fear or the voice of love; the voice of judgment or the voice of compassion; the voice of grievances or miracles; the voice of separation or that of unity?

I’ve decided to choose Love every time, because that’s what feels good to me. And yes, it’s that easy. You have a choice…every time.

In A Course in Miracles there are no neutral thoughts, every thought is either extending Love or fear, there is no grey area here, no idle thoughts, thus all thoughts are creating an experience on some level, be it enjoyable or not.

Our attachment to the external world blinds us to Truth. We are conflicted, torn between the imposed rights and wrongs, goods and bads, all the noisy messages ‘out there’ telling us how to live ‘right.’ And yet, the benchmark for ‘right’ is always changing and those enforcing the rules do not necessarily seem to live by them, making the striving for ‘right’ that much more confusing and demoralising. Who wants to support an illusion that only serves the few? Who wants to work endlessly for a system that does not practice Justice or Compassion? Not me. In fact, part of my story and the lessons I’ve learned in my life are about that. When I’ve tried to fit into someone else’s box or rationalized myself out of following my inner knowing, I ultimately felt the pain of disconnection and negative emotions associated with denying my heart’s desires.

The world is what I make it, and I don’t need to do what others tell me to do, I can make my own rules. I can carve my own path to paradise.

We are limiting ourselves through a false perception that the external reality is something outside of us. It is not. We Are it. The outer is a mere reflection of the inner. We are One, and as we begin to accept this as true, our perception instantaneously begins to shift. The miraculous intervention of Spirit guides us into deeper lessons of letting go and ultimately lights the way to our Divine purpose, so that we are living fully in peace and joy.

There is no purpose too great or small, after all, it is only our judgments that would label such things. In an ego driven world, greatness has to do with financial success, or mass recognition. In Spirit world, success has only to do with a consistent experience of joy and happiness. The happier you are, the more successful you are and thus, are living your purpose. Saying that, no matter what, we are all living our purpose. The pain and suffering is part of the teachings we have chosen for this lifetime to expand us and grow us into higher realms of being.

The battle is already won, in the meantime, our projections of the world are a constant reminder of the attachments we need to release in order to remember our true Loving, Divinely powerful nature.

The fear has been wreaking havoc in our lives and on this planet for too long. We have all the answers we need to change things for the better. We have all of the solutions. Why? Because we are a part of a magnificent and infinitely intelligent Universe. The cosmos is looking after us. Whether you believe any of this or not, is up to you. What feels good to you? If being pessimistic and hopeless about our living here in Earth feels good, keep it up, that’s for you. For me, choosing hope and sincere belief in a brighter, more harmonious future is a choice. And I choose it in the face of fear, in the face of destruction and chaos. I relinquish fear through my faith in Love and Holiness. I choose to see the beauty and love in all I meet and all I see.

The Universe is asking us to wake-up! The world we have thus far created is telling us to change our ways…and FAST. The way we are raping the world is a symbol of imbalance, a deluded energy, thought-form gone mad. Enough is enough. NOW, is a time to get real. Get grounded, peaceful, loving and spacious. We need to look within and find the answers to all the many ‘problems’ with the world today. Our division of power, our lack of feminine wisdom in the world of politics and world resource distribution.

I am sick and tired of being belittled. Of being told that ‘Love is nice. But it ain’t gonna fix anything.’ My LOVE is fiercely powerful and I have come here to protect this planet and the innocent dwelling upon it. No longer are your fear tactics and lies going to scare or delude me. No longer can your demeaning images and warped stories sway or taint me.

I am awake. I am aware. I am present. When I am called to stand, you standing beside me in the light of Love’s presence, I express from forgiveness, ‘it’s time to STOP. Enough is enough. Now, it’s time to reorganise, so that we can rebalance the Earth’s energy, heal and restore our minds to sanity. Your reign of darkness is over. The light has come and it is here to shine brightly forevermore.’

Slowing down and turning inward and enjoying life is important right now. Follow your dreams fearlessly while practicing love and compassion, and Heaven will reveal Itself to us all.

Patience. All is well. Heaven on Earth is the only true reality!

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