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  • M. J. Robertson

The Final Frontier: Space Within

Now it’s on. Now it’s time to claim our power, as One people. It’s about letting go. It’s about going in and going deep and going big. To imagine the world you want to see, relax into the feeling of ease and love and simply allow it all to unfold. Your imagination and ability to feel good is your most powerful tool, detaching from the external, realizing that the outer is a mere projection of the inner. It’s about moving beyond the illusion of a power structure, laws and rules and to redefine them for ourselves in every moment.

Now is all there is and we are alive and experiencing an expansive shift in understanding that has always been within us and chosen to be forgotten, for in the reawakening is a most divine experience chosen by all who have come here. We are infinitely powerful creators and somewhere within us all is the desire to create Heaven here on Earth, a paradise so beautiful words will fall away, making space for an ever present flowing calmness and love abound. We are returning home. This is our story.

We are safe in the hands of love and divinity.

I am free. Free to express who I am. Free to express the love I feel within me. To express my dreams for us and for this planet. I am free to feel that it is all going to be okay. That there is nothing to fear. That the love inside for all there is is enough. That it will see us through this darkness into ever greater realms of light and clarity and vision. To see into Oneness. To feel Oneness, Unconditional.

I receive messages. As we all do. Now is time to listen. To feel. To allow. To slow down. To pay attention. To release the old. To let it go. And to move into new. To get clear. To focus. To communicate. To share. What are we creating? Can we slow down enough and share our ideas for a better world? Can we let go and trust we have the answers to find our way through any obstacle? Can we soften, drop down, be vulnerable and feel our way through the wreckage of our old creations and support one another in finding new ways, loving ways of healing our wounds and enlightening ourselves to be able to access answers from a more conscious state of being? It’s already done.

Let’s get together and be all right! Namaste :) xo

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