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YouTube Channel

On this channel, M. J. shares her life's evolving perspective and ongoing spiritual/emotional/mental and physical transformation. 

Watch for top 'paradigm shift' tips,

All To Love insights, freedom-feeling perspectives, monthly general intuitive tarot readings for all 13 zodiac signs and collective energy updates.

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Intuitive Tarot Readings



Private readings available below are pre-recorded video links, sent to email provided within two days of booking.

If you'd like a live 1-2-1 reading, please email to schedule a time. Live readings are £90p/h.


 "I have just received the most intuitively insightful and heart felt reading from MJ. This was my first ever reading and I am so incredible grateful for the clarity and divine love shared, it is spot on. This lady is gifted in the most magical way, a true inspiration and I highly recommend her.” - Lara 💜 


“This reading was just perfect. I laughed and I cried as I resonate with everything that came through. It was the perfect message to reassure my internal guidance as I embrace this new journey.” - Jennifer💖 

All To Love 
Intuitive Yoga 

Access to 22 video tutorials in M. J.'s unique teaching style and spiritual insight.
Develop your personal practice.
Improve your intuitive connection.
Increase your authentic expression.
Fall in love with your body and your life!

Cost: £22.22

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