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Click the link below to learn more about our BE THE CHANGE Online Courses. All are designed to help you make practical, positive change that'll increase your awareness, enabling you to make more conscious choices and feel more balanced and empowered as a result.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk to us about BE THE CHANGE collaborations.

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All To Love
Online Events

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online events by clicking "more info".

M. J. hosts LIVE SHARE CREW every week, where members enjoy a safe space to share, laugh and discuss a broad range of new paradigm topics.

Due to popular demand (and inspirational guidance), M. J. is now offering access to over 44 exclusive videos, including  guided meditations, relaxation, intuitive movement and an online retreat! Evolve your practice with All To Love's ONLINE YOGA.


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Online Coaching 
Transformational Guidance

Book an online coaching session with M. J. and be supported in changing your life for the better. Feel at ease, while being lovingly supported and intuitively guided to live your most fulfilling and abundant life.


Transform your fears into superpowers.

Be The Change
All To Love's Online Courses


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YouTube Channel

On this channel, M. J. shares her life's evolving perspective and ongoing spiritual/emotional/mental and physical transformation. 

Watch for top 'paradigm shift' tips, All To Love insights, freedom-feeling perspectives, monthly general intuitive tarot readings for all 13 zodiac signs, guided meditations, interviews with fellow freedom rebels and intuitive yoga. Join the LIVE SHARE CREW to get notified when M. J. goes LIVE!




Live Share Crew members can also join THE FEARLESS LIFE TRIBE for a one-off payment of £22. You'll gain access to over 47 exclusive videos discussing "The Fearless Life Guide" and how to embody the material and you'll be invited to the private Facebook group!

Intuitive Tarot Readings



 "I have just received the most intuitively insightful and heart felt reading from MJ. This was my first ever reading and I am so incredible grateful for the clarity and divine love shared, it is spot on. This lady is gifted in the most magical way, a true inspiration and I highly recommend her.” - Lara 💜 


“This was by far the best thing I’ve heard in a while. So on point with everything.” Autumn💚 


“This reading was just perfect. I laughed and I cried as I resonate with everything that came through. It was the perfect message to reassure my internal guidance as I embrace this new journey.” - Jennifer💖 


"Hi Molly! This 110% resonated with me, thank you SO much! Will book another reading soon for sure!” - Jamie💜 




Book a reading for as little as £5.55

 (Readings will be delivered to your inbox within 48hrs of booking. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.)

All To Love Yoga

Join the Online Yoga Crew for intuitively guided yoga sessions and retreats.


Access to over 44 video tutorials in M. J's unique teaching style and spiritual insight.

Develop your personal practice.

Improve your intuitive connection.

Increase your authentic expression.

Fall in love with your body and your life!

Cost: £22.22


Frances Sullivan

A life long performer, writer and compassionate humanitarian, Frances is a heartfelt, impactful inspirational speaker. She speaks about her own transformation, conscious evolution later in life, overcoming a 20-year cycle of depression and how meditation and mindfulness healed and transformed her life.

M. J. Robertson

Book M. J. to inspire your audience and learn practical tools that can transform your life.

Sharing personal stories, interwoven with powerful meditations, always in the present moment and expressing from her heart, M. J. is captivating and emotionally impactful as a speaker.

Katie Finch

Katie is a passionate advocate for plant-based- vegan and sustainable living. She shares personal stories of how yoga helped her heal from depression, how meditation eases her anxiety and offers top tips on how to break free from the 9-5 corporate lifestyle. 

Katie is a fun and engaging speaker.