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March 22, 2019

Are thoughts alive? Is a thinking a living being bigger than we imagine? Does thinking become the thinker?

You have freewill to the extent that you have the capacity to choose, but not free thinking. You have to earn freedom from thought. Freedom from how the mind will...

January 23, 2017

People talk about letting go like it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. “Just let it go”, they chime, like they know all about it. Even Disney has a song about it. But what does it mean, really?

Well, from what I can gather, based on personal experience, study and...

December 30, 2016

Talk about power.  I don’t get it. Never really have. Why do we give this thing called money so much power? What’s it got that we don’t? I mean, we created it, so why do we act like it has more power than us? Surely not. How is it that we have created a system that ens...

December 6, 2016

There is a connection between being unplugged from mainstream media and becoming an authentic human being. In a very real way, our media consumption programs us to be vibrant or not-so-vibrant slaves (your vibrancy will likely have to do with how much unconditional lov...

August 31, 2015

When I reminisce, memories deep within the ocean of my mind serve to remind me that there was, at some point in my life a sense of safety, ease, joy, curiosity and enchantment with the world. Gradually and unconsciously, as many do, I absorbed the energy, frequency and...

April 2, 2015

I've been in London for just over three days. I do love this city. Choose your location wisely and you're in for a real treat. I am here because I am being guided to do more talking, aka. Public Speaking. I go over in my mind, why can't I just be happy where I am, doin...

February 14, 2015

The people closest to us are our most powerful teachers.

I realize that I have long been in a habit of pleasing people, looking outside myself for love and acceptance. The people I look up to the most for approval are, of course, my parents. How do I unlock my negative...

January 17, 2015

Love is letting source flow through me. To extend that which is within me and allow myself to realize its full expression. Not to judge the external reality, but to actively work with it, moulding it, fine tuning it, becoming one with it. Time is of the essence, where...

August 23, 2014

Today I was struck by an icky feeling. I’ll call it, the comparison trap. At some awful point in life, we are told to accept the fact that there will always be people out there who are better than you. It’s called The Competition. As a kid, if I wasn’t on the winning t...

March 1, 2014

And now, it's on. Things are moving! Well, I  have moved house. And it is wonderful. I feel like a real grown-up. Someone who is in command of their life, happy, healthy and in love. I can feel another move on the horizon too; public speaking. What?! Yep, it feels like...

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